Stargaze Necklace w/14K

Stargaze Necklace w/14K


Feeling Dreamy? Then you will love this constellation inspired necklace. This necklace is made with an ancient process know as granulation. Each Necklace varies, as it is made with unique and different patterns of gold and silver granules. 


Sterling Silver + 14K Yellow Gold/ 16’’ long

Please contact us or stop by the studio to place an order or receive a quote. Our jewelry is currently made to order. 


Each piece is individually handcrafted and thoughtfully created from start to finish at Chloe Leigh Designs Studio.  Every unique piece is handmade, using a variety hammers, anvils, hand tools, and torches. 

We use the highest quality sterling silver, gold, and personally sourced gems to create memorable and timeless jewelry. 

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