Floral Trio Necklace

Floral Trio Necklace


Do you like it simplistic? The Floral Trio necklace is all about balance. 

This hand-wrought sterling silver Trio Necklace has a beautiful hand-hammered finish. This simple and versatile necklace goes with just about everything.  Chloe loves wearing this necklace with more casual wear. 


Sterling Silver/ 16’’ long

Please contact us or stop by the studio to place an order or receive a quote. Our jewelry is currently made to order. 


Each piece is individually handcrafted and thoughtfully created from start to finish at Chloe Leigh Designs Studio.  Every unique piece is handmade, using a variety hammers, anvils, hand tools, and torches. 

We use the highest quality sterling silver, gold, and personally sourced gems to create memorable and timeless jewelry. 

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