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Chloe Leigh,

Designer Silversmith, Maker, Photographer, and Entrepreneur

“After graduating from Mass College of Art and Design with a goal and a vision, I built my studio from the ground up. I had to acquire all of my tools and equipment, design my logos and web page, and implement my own marketing, and business strategies. It has been difficult at times, but extremely rewarding!”

Chloe has worked tirelessly to build a comprehensive, working studio, equipped with an extensive variety of hand tools, hammers, anvils, forming tools, and torches, all necessary for the designing process and hand fabrication of a unique jewelry collection.

Beginning with the design process, Chloe draws on day-to-day experiences, as well as on diverse travel experiences that have inspired her. She also collects unique and interesting natural forms, assembles images, and sketches her most engaging ideas on paper.

After carefully executing her final designs on paper, she starts her process either on a prepared silver sheet, or by melting sterling silver into balls, ingots, or flat sheets. Depending on the piece that she is creating, she undergoes series of processes such as; hand-sawing, piercing, forming, forging, filling, soldering, texturing, casting, setting stones, and polishing to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Chloe Leigh is currently the sole owner and designer behind Chloe Leigh Designs. It is her hope to eventually establish a larger team to grow her business and bring these age-old techniques and art form back into the community.